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Once called ‘fairy cattle’ in the Highlands of Scotland, the deer have rich mythological connection to cultures around the word. Artemis, goddess of the hunt and wilderness, and her Roman counterpart Diana are accompanied by a sacred stag, while the earliest histories from Sumerian tell of Dara-Mah ‘The Great Stag’. To the Celtic peoples this noble beast was a symbol of the horned god Cernunnos and the stag has always symbolised nobility, honour and a strong protection of their herd.


This genuine vintage French collectible art plate is made from 92% tin and would make a fine wall feature or mantelpiece decoration invoking old world medieval myths and legends from across Europe. A wonderful piece of heavy French decorative pewter. The embossed design features a lowing stag set in a pine forest. In excellent vintage condition.


Dimensions: 23 cm diameter

Talliston Country of Origin: France

Vintage Sacred Stag Pewter Plate

£46.00 Regular Price
£39.00Sale Price


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