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The Stranger's Door To Talliston is a fantasy adventure set in Britain's most extraordinary home: Talliston House & Gardens. Aimed at Years 11-16, it is story for all ages.


It is Twelfth Night 1590 and thirteen-year-old Bríane races to save her grandmother from execution for crimes of witchcraft. Only one thing can prove her innocence: a magical grimoire owned by the town’s dark and sinister lord. In the attempt the girl loses the precious book at a crossroad of all worlds called the Forest of Doors. Can she locate the spell book in time to save Old Mother Moore from her terrible fate? Or will she fall victim to the wood’s dark and dangerous puzzle of doors and rooms?


Both sequel and prequel to The Stranger’s Guide To Talliston, this new story revisits many of the original thirteen locations but in entirely different moments – plus adds two dozen new rooms in its extraordinary expanded universe. Starting in Elizabethan Essex, The Stranger’s Door To Talliston goes deeper into the mysteries, adventures and heroes battling to save the last magical places on Earth.


Hardcover : 384 pages

Dimensions : 16.2 x 3.2 x 24 cm

Published : Autumn 2024

Language: : English

© Cover art: Patrick Knowles.

The Stranger's Door To Talliston Hardback



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